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    Posted by amaranta on August 18, 2015 in Gaming


    The PES 2016 demo is out now and it’s worth checking out

    Pro Evo has been playing slow, but steady catch-up with FIFA these past few years, with year-on-year incremental upgrades closing the gap. Keep in mind that there’s a pretty large gap, however, even if it’s not on the pitch. Last year’s PES proved that it was king on the pitch—responsive controls, improved visuals and fixes to the UI made for a game that played great on the pitch. FIFA was always going to win off it with incomparable licensing deals and better metagame design.

    PES 2016 will introduce some features in an attempt to restore parity with FIFA. Simple additions like ability to celebrate after goals and an improved version of myClub, PES’ FIFA Ultimate Team knockoff are welcome, while the game also promises a new and improved Master League  mode, dynamic camera (more on this in a bit) and goalkeepers who behave like their real world counterparts. Here are some quick impressions of the demo:

    Crowds look pretty cool: The stadium atmosphere is getting there. PES 2016 has some pretty pumped up people in its stadiums, that’s for sure.

    Player faces look amazing: PES players always behaved more realistically on the pitch. Looking up before playing a ball and moving with a certain fluidity lacking in their FIFA counterparts, but they never looked as good. The faces in PES 2016 are quite outstanding, with almost-convincing expressions to boot.

    The UI is still unappealing: Yes, it’s functional, but it’s still a clunky mess. Hopefully, this will be identified as an area for improvement in subsequent editions.

    Not a dramatic improvement over last year’s edition: Still baby steps for PES, and while they’re all in the right direction, there’s still a pretty big mountain to climb.

    You can download the demo for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 at their respective marketplaces.


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