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  • TMF 3 Special- 5 songs by Indus Creed that you must listen to

    Posted by amaranta on June 5, 2015 in Music


    Every once in a while, an Indian band comes along that blazes a trail and re-defines existing norms. Indus Creed is one such band. Formed in Mumbai in 1984 as Rock Machine, they went on to call themselves Indus Creed in the early 90s. They may have disbanded in 1997 but their songs continue to appeal to music lovers – most of whom were probably not even born when Indus Creed was at its peak – even today. They got back in 2010 and put out their first album in 17 years – ‘Evolve’, in 2012. With the band all set to play at TMF (The Music Festival) in August in Chennai, here are five of several beautiful songs by Indus Creed that you ought to listen to.


    The band’s single that came out last year has a heavier, more progressive-rock sound, in line with their album, ‘Evolve’. This song with its simple, no-frills video has a killer guitar solo and some pretty cool riffs, set against frontman and vocalist Uday Benegal’s power-packed vocals. The track is over five minutes long, but very enjoyable.


    This beautiful ballad from ‘Evolve’ is one of those tracks you would find yourself going back to. Catchy and simple, the song makes for breezy, easy listening. Subtle and classy, the song is a perfect example of how simple melodies, great lyrics and hooks can work so wonderfully.

    Pretty Child

    An Indus Creed classic, this one. An evergreen song that is at once evocative, this track from the 1990 album, ‘The Second Coming’, takes the listener back to the sound of the 90s, when fusion was the name of the game. Except that Pretty Child is not really a fusion number, despite the use of the table, which complements the mood of the track perfectly. Nice touch there.

    Top Of The Rock

    Blast from the past, this. Straight from their first album, ‘Rock And Roll Renegade’ (1988), when they were still Rock Machine, this song unleashes the spirit of rock n roll in style. Also the video has the band members sporting long hair and generally being the rockstars that they are. Really chill glam-rock vibe too.


    One of the most original compositions by an Indian band, the track from the 1995 album, ‘Indus Creed’ has an eerie video. The super energetic number is complete with some great work on the guitar and percussion departments too.

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