Amaranta Entertainment presents
The Dome

“Where words fail, music speaks!”

And we at Amaranta Entertainment believe that musicians are a wonderful necessity for the world we live in, and for musicians to play music, they need a space where they can belt it out and practice to their hearts content.

The Dome by Amaranta Entertainment, is a practice pad for musicians! Fully acoustically treated jam space, with a Pearl Masters Drum Kit, Ampeg Bass Amp with Portaflex PF 500 Head, QSC RMXa Series Professional Amplifier, Ohm Oyster Digital Speaker Controller, Jet City 100 HDM Guitar Amp, 4 Blue En-Core 200 Microphones, 2 Ohm PA Systems, Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-620 and a Yamaha MG124CX Mixer.

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