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  • The Dark Knight Returns

    Posted by admin on June 8, 2015 in Gaming


    Rocksteady’s latest instalment in the Arkham series is almost upon us! Let’s see what we have to look forward to in Arkham Knight

    London based developers Rocksteady Studios surprised everyone with Batman: Akham Asylum. It was the best video game treatment of the franchise to date—with authentic voice acting, high intensity FreeFlow combat system and a universe worth immersing yourself into. Over the years, they’ve been consistently one-upping themselves while giving players fun and unique experiences to dive into. This month’s Arkham Knight promises to be the biggest one yet. Here are a few reasons to play it:

    Free roaming in Gotham

    While Arkham City offered a sort of open world experience, Arkham Knight will turn it up to eleven. Arkham Knight’s Gotham will be five times as large as Arkham City’s, and it will be fully explorable. Expect to stumble upon side missions, random encounters, puzzles, secrets and more.


    Arkham Knight will let you hit the streets behind the wheel of the most iconic superhero vehicle ever created: the Batmobile. Not only will you be able to cruise the streets of Gotham at breakneck speeds, you will also be able to transform it into a tank for trickier situations.

    Dual Play

    If there was a way to evolve the Arkham series’ combat, this is it. The new ‘Dual Play’ combat system will allow you to switch between two characters on the fly to create tag team attacks—for instance, swapping between Nightwing, Robin, Batman, and possibly Catwoman to create a chain of unstoppable attacks to incapacitate foes.

    The epic conclusion to the Arkham trilogy

    I’m pretty sure fans want to see how the story plays out. While Arkham Origins was a pleasant distraction, the first two games carry so much weight in terms of story and character development. The game also introduces The Arkham Knight, an all-new original character in the Batman universe—possibly the first for a video game. It’s time for Batman to make a final stand and take Gotham back.

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