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Amaranta Entertainment has had the privilege and joy of working with some of the best in the business. Together, we have made good music, felt the love of delighted audiences and the thrill of many successful shows. But most importantly, we have been enriched by several friendships that have grown stronger over time. Thank you for taking this beautiful journey with us. Here’s to many more! Here’s what some of them have to say-


The F16s

“From Geoffrey being one of the judges at our first competition to now having sponsored our album and our regular Dome sessions, Amaranta Entertainment is basically our family now. Loved the journey.”

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“For our first show as a band, in Pondicherry, our jam sessions at the Dome, TMF I, Purple night 2015, taking us onboard as one of your artists and much more; Amaranta Entertainment will always be special to us. Thanks Geoffrey and Amaranta Entertainment for everything! We’re really thrilled and proud that we are now part of the Amaranta Entertainment family.:) Looking forward to making lots of great music and memories together!”


Sudhin Prabhakar, Pro Musicals

“Standing tall in the world of entertainment and event management I see Amaranta Entertainment as the company that has my attention every time I look for quality music and events.I’ve watched them grow quickly as Geoffrey’s sheer experience, class and competence steers Amaranta Entertainment towards being an outstanding example of what an event management company should be today. The packed audiences and their wild response I experience repeatedly at every Amaranta event, endorses my view that they are doing everything right.I look forward to them in the years ahead continuing to deliver music concerts & events of top notch quality and content with a consistency that has set them apart.”


Blues Conscience

“Amaranta Entertainment has not only supported original music and artists, but they are friends with these artists, every show, every experience make you feel like you are playing for friends and not just organisers, the whole experience right from being booked to playing the show to being payed, makes you feel good as an Artist, makes you feel good about what you’re doing and invariably lets you deliver a great performance.”


Ministry of blues

“The best thing about Amaranta is that its run by some of the nicest people we’ve met. Very easy to get along with, very easy to like. Mild-mannered, soft-spoken, pleasant guys. Very hard-working, yet seemingly unhurried even when they’re at their busiest. To us, this is the most-important characteristic we hope to encounter in the people we work with because it not only makes things go along smoothly, but it also means there is an underlying stream of professionalism. Things happen as they are supposed to, events unfold as planned. A word given is a word kept. Fairness is not a very common characteristic in the music industry, so an Amaranta Entertainment gig is a great relief for us. One doesn’t have to worry about making sure all the details of our agreement have been taken care of – we KNOW they will be, and without trying to squeeze the musician.All the best, guys. Its always a pleasure working with you”

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