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Amaranta Entertainment supports two young chess players. Vaishali, who was brought to our attention when she was only a little older than 12, was one of the three people who beat World Number One Magnus Carlson when he came down to India.

We support these youngsters who are playing a game that involves grit, concentration and is a lot tougher than one may think. To possess the kind of mental strength and concentration that they do at this young age, is a feat worth supporting and a talent that deserves respect, admiration and recognition. Amaranta hopes the support and encouragement provided will take their careers in this noble sport to soaring heights.


R.Vaishali- 12 years old

  • Commonwealth Chess Championship 2014 at Scotland – Gold Medal Winner in the Under 14 category
  • World Youth Championship Cup 2012 at Slovenia-Gold medal
  • Asian Youth Championship 2012 at Sri Lanka – Gold medal
  • Asian Youth Championship 2013 at Iran – Gold medal
  • Five times winner of the State Championship
  • Hat-trick victory in the Under-11 State Championship
  • Rating point of 2035 (As on 01-07-2013)
  • She is a Women Fide Master (WFM)


R.Prag Gnanandhaa – 8 years old

  • Asian Youth Chess Championship 2014 at Uzbekistan – Bronze Medal Winner
  • World Youth Chess Championship 2013 at Dubai – Winner in the Under-8 category
  • Asian Youth Championship 2012 at Sri Lanka – Gold
  • Asian Youth Championship 2013 at Iran- Gold
  • Youngest rated chess player in India (As on September 2011)
  • Won the state championship twice
  • Wont the national championship once
  • Rating point of 1813
  • He is a Fide Master (FM)