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  • Shooters with a difference

    Posted by amaranta on August 31, 2015 in Gaming


    The year ahead is likely to see the release of Overwatch, Battleborn and Lawbreakers

    Move over Call of Duty and Battlefield, because there’s a new breed of shooter in town. With third-person cover based shooters taking some sort of extended hiatus, it’s time for something newer, shinier and more fun to take over. All of Blizzard, Gearbox and Boss Key’s shooters, while similar on the surface, already feel like a breath of fresh air ready to liberate us from the monotony of the insta-kill gameplay plaguing shooters of today.


    is Blizzard’s first attempt at creating a game that’s not of the third person action/RPG (or card game) variety. Frankly, it looks really cool. 16 heroes to choose from, all with varied abilities and roles akin to those you would find in a MOBA (Offense, Defense, Tank, Support), cool weapons and powers to boot, plus a heavier emphasis on teamwork and player roles than you’re likely to find in other shooters. Overwatch is also made by Blizzard, and I can’t remember they made a game that wasn’t at least a 9.5/10.


    comes to us from the folks who gave us Borderlands, the perfect hybridisation of shooter and RPG. The game will also feature MOBA elements such as in-game level reset so your character levels up in each game to unlock abilities, with 25 playable characters on release, and a campaign mode, making this a game for all and not just for the competitively inclined. You can also expect the quirky art style that Gearbox are so famous for. Batteborn releases in February next year.


    is a brainchild of Cliff Bleszinsky (Gears of War, Unreal Tournament) and Arjan Brussee (Killzone, Battlefield Hardline) and comes from their new studio, Boss Key Productions. More visceral than the other two shooters mentioned here, Lawbreakers will look to bring back the glory days of the competitive shooter which seem to have been lost since Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena dominated the scene. The game is expected to follow the free-to-play model, although this could change in time.

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