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  • Pulling out the big guns

    Posted by amaranta on August 3, 2015 in Gaming

    Gear of War Ultimate Edition

    Marcus Fenix, Dom and the rest of the boys return in Gears of War Ultimate Edition later this month

    Gears of War probably doesn’t deserve credit for pioneering the third person shooter genre, or cover mechanics, but it’s the game that ushered in true “next gen” at the onset of the previous console generation. You played Gears of War on Xbox 360, and you were completely blown away. The console itself was a reason to own a flatscreen LCD HDTV, and Gears was what you showed off on it. Now, this is an era of remasters, and it’s while its surprising it’s taken so long, we should be glad Gears is finally coming to Xbox One later this month.

    It would have been easy to simply re-release the PC version of the game (yes, there was PC version of the original Gears of War, believe it or not), Microsoft Studio Coalition is putting in the extra effort to bring you something that’s not hastily put together. The Ultimate Edition features new textures, motion capture footage, lighting effects and five campaign chapters that haven’t been released on console.

    Multiplayer was hugely addictive as well. Now, you can expect to see additional game modes such as Team Death Match, King of the Kill and a 2 v 2 mode designed by the Gears community. With Gears coming out this month and Halo 5: Guardians releasing in October, the Xbox One looks set until the holidays.

    Watch this video for all the info on the upcoming remaster.

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