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    Posted by amaranta on July 13, 2015 in Gaming

    Rocket League

    Miniature cars, a giant ball and two goals—Rocket League shouldn’t even be a thing. But it is, and it’s awesome!


    If Pele and Jeremy Clarkson had a baby, that baby would be Rocket League. On the one hand, you have a

    game that’s loosely based on association football, and on the other you have the mobility of an

    unrealistically handling hotrod with nitrous and the capability to drive on walls, and perform maneuvers

    that can only be described as the vehicular equivalent of a bicycle kick.

    If the absurdness of its premise wasn’t enough (two teams of cars drive into a big ball and attempt to

    “score” goals in two equally big goals), the fun on offer is really something else. It’s not until you fire it

    up with two buddies on your team against opponents online that you realize what Rocket League is all

    about. It’s the only objective based game that’s a blast to play even when you’re losing 8-0.

    Of course, it’s probably best if you learn the ropes first, and Rocket League does a great job of

    introducing you to its mechanics. Thirty-or-so minutes in, and you’re ready for some competition. Play a

    few games online, and as cliché as this may sound, it will be abundantly clear why developers Psyonix

    feel that Rocket League is “easy to pick up, but hard to master”. There’s some clever progression here to

    keep you hooked as well—you’ll unlock something after literally every single game you play—cars,

    cosmetics and more.

    So if you like cars, football or fun, give it a go. It’s US$20 on Steam and free (yes, FREE) for PlayStation

    Plus users this month on the PlayStation Store.

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