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  • Nest of Vipers

    Posted by amaranta on July 27, 2015 in Gaming


    As the first season of Telltale’s Game of Thrones nears its end, let’s take a look at what it has accomplished

    They might have taken the easy route to making a Game of Thrones adventure game, but Telltale

    have more than done justice to the franchise. Yes, their characters are very similar to those we’ve

    seen on TV (some dead, some not), while the game itself is light on puzzle solving in a traditional

    sense. But its episodic nature really seems to fit the bill—a formula that doesn’t stray too far from

    the TV show as well as Telltale’s trademark storytelling techniques.

    A game of words

    You expect to pick up objects, maintain an inventory of several random items and get through tricky

    situations by manipulating them. In Game of Thrones, even the rudimentary puzzle solving present

    in The Walking Dead games is gone. So much so that all your characters’ battles are waged with

    words, requiring you to make split-second decisions within a limited time window. While there’s no

    ‘game over’ scenario outside of QTE-filled combat sections, there’s enough and more tension in

    story when interacting with other, more important characters. Said something stupid to Cersei?

    Well, something bad is going to happen. Tried calling someone’s bluff? Well, you’d better be right.

    Lied poorly to Tyrion? Become a better liar. This is what the show, books and franchise are built on,

    and the games are a very good reflection of the importance of words in the world of Westeros.

    A show of character

    Not only will characters remember your choices, they will remind you of them when you do

    something stupid, break a promise or say something unbecoming. In addition to being convincing

    characters whom you’d see inhabiting King’s Landing, Ironrath or The Wall, you would find it difficult

    to find one who is underdeveloped and not relevant to the main storyline. They’re all there for a

    reason, and the game creators have even attempted to create a backstory for each of

    them—something you were likely to see in the books. An understanding of each character will go a

    long way to helping you manipulate them for your benefit.

    If you’re a fan of the series, you probably want to check out the games—you can get them for every

    platform. They’re a great way to fill the void between seasons.

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