Amaranta Entertainment launches Yohan Marshall

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On May 9th 2014, Amaranta Entertainment launched their third independent artist Yohan Marshall and his debut English Music Album “Your Silence” at The Museum Theatre, Chennai.

Yohan Marshall who hails from Mumbai is the perfect example of a person who has music coursing through his very blood. The founder and drummer of popular band Family Cheese, Amaranta Entertainment knew Yohan had a lot of music in him waiting to burst forth and that is exactly what we achieved by producing and launching his debut EP album.

Yohan is not only a drummer, guitarist and a singer-song writer; he is also a teacher at the True School of Music in Mumbai who dabbles with many genres of music including Hindustani and Carnatic. An alumnus of KM Conservatory and the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, he plays a range of music from fusion, rock, funk, jazz, Latin, RnB and more.

While the music of Family Cheese is high-energy, improvisational music which can induce a number of interpretations, his debut album ‘Your Silence’ has music inspired by bands like Radiohead and Incubus and is composed with an alternative-rock vibe to it and stays within the rock music trope. The album for Yohan, talks about his sense of longing that he attributes to the perspective of being Indian. He is sure about making his career out of music and believes that music is his true calling.

Yohan and his band The Mischief launched his album to an enthralled and enthusiastic Chennai audience before heading off to Bangalore for another gig of his album at Counter Culture.

Yohan, who has won several accolades for his drumming and has also composed music for several advertisements as well as movies, is moving towards making more independent music and taking it public.

Amaranta Entertainment found Yohan to be a hard worker and an intelligent musician who was a complete professional in every sense of the word when it came to his debut EP and we were more than thrilled that our venture to recognize and promote original talent in music was heading in the right direction.

Yohan was the third independent artist to be launched by Amaranta Entertainment and was a positive sign of encouragement that only further cemented the need for a company that aims to produce and promote independent music which is struggling without the respect and recognition that it deserves.

The songs in his EP ‘Your Silence’ were an immediate success, gathering a very popular response and enthusiastic following across the internet. The five songs are:

  • Your Silence
  • No One Moment
  • I’d Hate to be the Reason
  • Please Stay
  • Don’t Underestimate

His band The Mischief comprised of friends and established musicians, Savera Mehta on guitars, keys and background vocals, Harshavardhan Gadhvi on keys, Stuart Dacosta on bass, Sahil Shah on drums and Yohan himself on vocals and acoustic guitar.

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