Amaranta Entertainment launches The F16s

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Amaranta Entertainment welcomes The F16s to our artist family. These boys get the crowd crazy wherever they go! The F16s play alternative dance music born out of frustration with a barren and flaccid cityscape. Writing tales of love, redemption, the lives and concerns of young people like themselves, their stories are set to music that their listeners dance to. Harnessing the sound of urban independent music, the group has stylistic leanings that cover a much wider palette including art-pop/ ska and dance/punk. “They are hooky and jumpy, with great keyboards and great rhythm and they change colour and pace often enough that the show doesn’t turn into one indiscernible Indie song after another”- Moop City. “It’s not about the spark  that wills you to write 15 songs as soon as you start off , but carefully crafting each song into catchy, fuzzy and admittedly  hipsterific music”- Rolling Stone, India With reviews such as these and a fan following to die for, alternative dance music at its best, The F16s have won some of the most coveted awards and have played on some of the country’s best festivals and shows. We’re proud and excited to have The F16s on board and are looking forward to producing their debut album!