Amaranta Entertainment launches Soundarya Jayachandran

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On May 4th 2013 Amaranta Entertainment launched its second independent artist Soundarya Jayachandran and her debut English music album, ‘Shades of Revival’ at Gatsby Village, ECR, Chennai. The launch of its second independent artist was a heartening sign of progress for Amaranta Entertainment which was covering solid ground in its search for original music and hard-working talented individuals who were looking for a break in the highly competitive world of music. Soundarya, a singer-songwriter from Bangalore was a find as honest as could have hoped for, with her love for her music and passion for song writing and more than anything else, her willingness to work hard for what she wanted to achieve. She grew up surrounded by classical music thanks to a family of musicians and music lovers but Soundarya proved to be made of unique ideas as her sound matured and displayed a level of depth that was very rare indeed. Her brand of blues/pop rock has quite a following and at the young age of 19, she took Bangalore by storm with her music and her mature voice. The singer, who was trained in Carnatic music since she was a child, found her calling in western music very recently and took to it like a fish to water and made her place in the arena with ease. Amaranta Entertainment recognized her talent and offered her a recording contract after which she went ahead and created her debut EP album ‘Shades of Revival.’ The album was put together by Amaranta Entertainment and her band consisted of Vivin Kuruvilla on keys and percussion, Pharez Mervyn Edwards on guitars, and Conrad Simmons on bass and the five songs in the EP are:

  • Let Me Go
  • Girl in Black
  • Big Town
  • Invectives
  • Hey Jude

The response to her mature, bold album was positive and instantaneous. Her songs are about strength and maturity and are a reflection of her personality and her heads-on way of tackling life. The singer who believes music is the best form of expression is convinced that when you play good music, you are bound to get recognized. Recognized she was, by Geoffrey G Thomas of Amaranta Eentertainment who produced her debut EP and also by none other than the Mozart of Madras himself, A.R.Rahman who shared her original ‘I Don’t Need Nobody’ on his Facebook page. The journey has only just begun for this young and talented singer-songwriter and we were happy to have served our purpose by starting the journey for her.