Amaranta Entertainment launches Nrithya Maria Andrews

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On 11th March 2013 Amaranta Entertainment launched its first independent artist Nrithya Maria Andrews and her debut original English music album entitled ‘Bitter Sweet’ at SMT Sivagami Petachi auditorium in Chennai.

This marked the beginning of Amaranta’s journey of discovering and promoting original talent in music and was a milestone for the company.

Nrithya Andrews, a singer from Kerala is also an assistant professor at MOP Vaishnav College for Women, one of the leading women’s colleges in the city.

This talented and versatile artist is a Grade 8 pianist certified by the Trinity College of Music, London. Known for her love for singing from a very young age, Nrithya steadily found her foothold in music from singing in choirs to singing on stage and creating her own music drawing inspiration from her favourite artists ranging from The Rasmus to Adele.

After dabbling with playback singing, Nrithya was spurred on to creating her own music and putting it together as an album by Amaranta Entertainment. Nrithya says that Geoffrey Thomas of Amaranta Entertainment encouraged her to put together her songs since 2010 and gave her the confidence to believe in herself and her music and take the next step and make an album.

Amaranta Entertainment recognized her talent and offered her a recording contract which lead to the production of her EP album, ‘Bitter Sweet’. The singer who believes that “my best form of expression has been song writing”, saw her debut album catapult to success within weeks of its release with the songs trending on many social networking sites and Nrithya herself headlining many gigs across the city.

The album ‘Bitter Sweet’ reflects her life and her personality which is full of challenging contradictions. The songs in the EP are:

  • Boba
  • Lately
  • Good Enough
  • Secretly
  • Note to the Devil

The musicians who backed her admirably in the album are guitarist Vikram Vivekanand, Vivin Kuruvilla on keys, Conrad Simmons on bass and Prassannaa Sukumar on drums.

The album was a huge success and Amaranta Entertainment officially embarked upon the journey in providing deserving artists the opportunity to spread some deserving independent music in a big way.