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  • Here are the winners of The Big 4! Congratulations!

    Posted by amaranta on November 29, 2015 in News

    Winners announcement image

    In October 2015, we invited bands and artists from all over the country to send us one original song to stand a chance to be one of The Big 4. Over two weeks we received several entries that were remarkable, introducing us to some incredible fresh talent from around the country.

    The judges of The Big 4 were some of the music industry’s most popular names with considerable experience in the original music circle- Sudhin Prabhakar (Proprietor- Pro Musicals, musician, sound engineer), Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija (Lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, leader- Demonic Resurrection) and Toby Joseph (Sound engineer, musician).

    From amidst artists and bands that explore different genres, themes and styles, it was indeed challenging to pick just 4 winners. However, because of the stunning talent and originality displayed, here are our winners- Pills And Pillows(Chennai), smxlltxlk(Mumbai), Vertigo(Chennai), Mahesh and the Mix(Bangalore).

    Each of The Big 4 wins a chance to professionally record one original song (with music and lyrics written and owned by the band members) with a music video.

    We promise there’s some great original music coming your way. Watch out for it!

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